Google Project Glass: the best parodies and response videos

April 13, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Google’s Project Glass lack focus according to many. Google announced Project Glass as a future product that could layer information over someone’s “real world” like Terminator, but it was greeted with plenty of shrugs mixed in with the excitement. About 92 percent of readers in a recent poll say they would wear Project Glass, but not everyone sees the future with rose-tinted glasses.

Rather than dwell on the articles saying Project Glass looks silly or will be another lofty but ultimately failed ambition, I thought we’d highlight the doubters who are just having a little fun. A number of funny responses have appeared since Project Glass was announced; here are a few of the best Project Glass parody videos.

Note: A few videos are not safe for work because of language, so use headphones if you are at the office.

Goggle – Project Dangerous Glasses

This video shows a man whose day goes from bad to worse thanks to PG’s distractive nature. Why have Glasses if you can’t see?

Project Ass: Google Goggles (The Parody)

WHO LEFT THE STROBE ON? We know Project Glass will feature voice commands, but will it suck and misinterpret like so many voice products do today?

Windows Project Glass: One day too…

What would happen if it was Microsoft building Project Glass instead of Google? Yes, exactly what you imagined.

ADmented Reality

As the name implies, this is something that gets to the heart of what many people think Project Glass is really all about.

The Daily Show: The Social Networth

Jon Stewart from The Daily Show got in on the fun too. Instead of making a straight parody, he and Senior Youth Correspondent Jessica Williams have some fun with a string of jokes, throwing digs at Instagram on the way.

Because of broadcast restrictions, this video might not work outside of the United States.