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Taptu improves reading app with new UI, languages, widgets, and account sync options

April 26, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Taptu has been one of better players in the competitive personalized news readers game, and it’s stepping things up with its latest release. The app that lets users “DJ their news” is now spinning more sources and in more ways.

The first change Taptu users will notice is that they can now link to a Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter account to have their sources and articles saved across devices. (This feature previously required a Taptu account.) Users can then create streams by choosing categories or keywords based on their interests, or mix and match content to get a customized view of the latest headlines and articles. The great thing about this is you can read an article on a phone and mark it to be read later, then have the same sources and an updated reading list on your tablet.

Taptu has recently made some changes to the UI to have a smoother design, and is now cleaner text thanks to a partnership with Readability. There’s also now a stack feature showing multiple articles on the same topic, so a stacked thumbnail indicates there are several related stories on the issue. That lets readers of major stories know to scroll down to the bottom of that article and see different points of view.

Also on the design and UI fronts are new widgets and localization of French, Spanish, and German, allowing people who favor those languages to see menu items and more sources in their preferred language. The home screen widgets can show a 4×1 view of a category, 4×2 of a specific card/source, or a 2×2 stack of a category. Widgets can be customized to change the look and update frequency.

Taptu is available for free in Google Play, and requires Android 2.1 or higher.