Springpad 3.0 takes on Evernote with all new design and collaboration features

April 11, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Springpad debuted a couple years ago as a challenger to Evernote. The app featured various forms of notes, to-do lists, recipe tracking, link savers, and more. It was a digital Swiss Army knife of memory aides. Today, Springpad wants to make it easier for users to cut things with that knife, or lend it to people they trust

Springpad 3.0 enables notebook sharing and the ability to “easily turn interests into action.” The new version allows members to follow notebooks created by friends or trusted sources, or allow some people to have access to that notebook. Springpad members can then add notes or other content to the notebook that others can access.

It’s like a mix of pinning in Pinterest or collaborating on projects in Prodcteev depending on how members choose to use the app. For example, a couple could share interesting recipes they spot online in a notebook, or a group of siblings could split holiday cooking duties. A team of workers based in different areas could post interesting links related to their job or tasks that need to be divvied up between members.

The Springpad UI has also changed in order to make creation and use of notebooks easier. The desktop version got a complete redesign, but it still has the great feature of adding contextual information to saved notes (i.e. saving a movie will bring up sales on the Blu-Ray or showtimes at the local theatre). Meanwhile, the Android app has been updated to include more ICS elements and looks pretty slick. Download the app from Google Play and try it for yourself.

Anyone unfamiliar with the Springpad concept can check out this video explaining the service.