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Is this the Samsung Galaxy S III? (Episode 4,721,835)

April 27, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Previously on Is this the Samsung Galaxy S III?, our hero asked… “Is this the Samsung Galaxy S III?” Nothing has changed since the last episode, and nothing will change after this one other than a new image to ask about. We’ve seen a lot of those recently and felt fairly confident that none were authentic, but there’s a new claimant that we’ll withhold judgement on.

BGR, PhoneArena, and KnowYourMobile all “exclusively” reported a watermarked image claiming to be the Galaxy S III. All of the bloggers received an anonymous tip that contained the image below;  that’s usually not the way people like to do things. Tipsters tend to give images to their favorite site or one they think can spread the word quickly, but this person chose to carpet bomb the web with a leaked image and hope everyone reported on it.

Let’s suspend our Cynic Radar for a moment and pretend this is indeed the GS III. If it is, we can see that Samsung has basically taken the Galaxy Nexus and added hardware buttons for menu, home, and back. You know what, I’m going to turn the CR back on and say, nah, this isn’t the Galaxy S III either. Count on more of these things popping up until the May 3rd unveiling in London.

In related Galaxy S III news, there’s talk that the phone won’t have the recently announced Exynos processor when it comes to the U.S. This was to be expected considering that all of the major carriers prefer the Qualcomm S4 chipsets that have tested well with their networks. It would actually be news if the Exynos made it stateside, so don’t be surprised if you hear that only the global version will get Samsung’s new quad-core processor.