Instagram fixes import and camera crashes, custom camera apps can improve experience [TIPS]

April 5, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Tricks, Lifestyle


The Instagram Android app debuted only three days ago and it’s already been updated twice. The latest update is an important one that addresses two of the biggest complaints I brought up in the review: camera crashes and failure to import.

Instagram previously crashed whenever I attempted to import from cloud services like Picasa, and some users even reported crashes when importing local files from the Gallery app. Instagram is now able to import those photos. It also doesn’t crash nearly as much when trying to start the camera. Some devices may still mess up, but the list of problem phones is falling thanks to this and a couple of other bug fixes.

One thing Instagram hasn’t been able to address is that a number of Android users have grown fond of the customization options available in other apps. The improved import feature enables more people to use another app and then post to Instagram. However, there’s a way to interact directly with your camera app of choice depending on which app you use.

  1. Open Instagram and go to the Settings menu
    (Tap the right button > tap the buttons in the top right on the next screen)
  2. Select ‘Camera settings’
  3. Disable ‘Use Instagram advanced camera’
  4. Go to take a picture and select Camera
  5. Choose the camera app you prefer

Not all apps will work, but I managed to get this to work with the default camera, Lightbox, and Vignette. Download the latest version of Instagram from Google Play to get these bug fixes and see if your app works.


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