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Google Currents available internationally and syncs “dynamically” – add Androinica to your library

April 11, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Google Currents has finally been exported to locales outside of the United States. The magazine-style reading app, which was previously available officially in the United States, has been updated to support Android 2.2 and higher for any device with access to Google Play.

As it opens up to more countries, Google has included native language support for several countries. That should allow international users to read some sources in their native tongue or take advantage of the built-in translation tool (however, translation only works if a publisher has enabled it, and it’s not always fluent).

American Currents users need not feel left out, however. The updated also claims to address the biggest complaint we’ve had so far – painfully slow loading times. Currents Product Manager Mussie Shore says that Currents now refreshes your reading list through “dynamic sync,” which updates content faster. It also uses a “minimum of your phone or tablet’s battery, bandwidth, and storage,” but still allows users to select which editions download full content and images.

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Now that you can give Currents another go, or a first go depending on your location, let me use this as a reminder to add to your library. We’ve got a simple video demo showing how to use Currents, and you can add us by clicking this link (if reading on your device) or scanning this QR code below. Enjoy!