Generate ALL the memes is a funny meme generator for Android [App Reviews]

April 5, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Memes are all the rage these days. They usually start with an image taken out of context or greatly exaggerated, and then are a foundation for hundreds if not thousands of jokes. I’m sure you see them all the time on Google+ or Facebook.

Generate All the Memes is an Android app that lets users layer funny captions above funny images and spread laughs through the Internet. The Android meme generator lets users select from a handful of well-known images and then add their custom text. The app provides a live update as the user types the top and bottom text, and then creates an image once the user is satisfied. That completed product is then saved to the phone or uploaded to any app that can access the Android Share function.

There are more than 100 well-known memes included in the app, ranging from the overdone Condescending Wonka to the somehow still funny Success Kid. And if you’re looking to explore new territory, All the Memes lets creative types generate new jokes by selecting a custom image. So you can download lesser-known images or have fun with your personal photos of family and friends.

Following the release of the EVO 4G LTE last night, I got bored on the long subway ride and decided to create a few memes that can be viewed below. Don’t think they’re funny? Well, go download Generate All the Memes from Google Play if you think you can do better.

Android 2.2 or higher is required to use the app.