Galaxy Note for T-Mobile USA spotted in the wild [Photo]

April 24, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Earlier this week, rumors emerged about a device eerily similar to the Galaxy Note appearing in visitor logs. That instantly led to speculation about Samsung’s giant phone-and-tablet, currently an exclusive at AT&T, being made available to T-Mobile.

The speculation makes a lot more sense now that we have a photo of the Galaxy Note bearing T-Mobile branding. TMONews received a blurrycam shot showing the Note with the T-Mobile logo, as well as a few screenshots showing carrier bloatware tied to Big Magenta. It’s also interesting to note that the Galaxy Note depicted lists and shows a software version based on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich

There’s no word about price or availability, but that’s something that could be discovered soon. The photos seem very much legit, but until T-Mobile makes an official announcement, this has to remain in the unconfirmed territory for now. However, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we’re soon hearing from T-Mobile about a new semi-tablet, mega-phone being stocked on its shelves.

The Galaxy Note is a popular Samsung device that features a 5.3 inch screen, dual core processor, and Samsung customized software known as Touchwiz UX. It also has an S-Pen stylus stored within the frame of the phone to enable more artistic input. You can find out more about the AT&T-branded version, which is likely to be the same as the one for T-Mobile, here.

More leaked photos are available at TMoNews.