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Chomp dumps Android following Apple acquisition. Discover apps with these services instead.

April 27, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Chomp was previously an app discovery service for both Android and iOS. But a few months after being acquired by Apple, now serves only iPhone and iPad app search and recommendation.

Om Malik noticed the change this morning, but there’s no need to be too worried. While Chomp was an excellent tool for searching the Android Market with context rather than just titles, the app is definitely not the only game in town; there are other places to get app search and recommendations.

I’m not sure how many of you were relying on Chomp to fulfill your app needs, but consider replacing it with these sources. has stellar search. The website features recommendations based on what you have installed already, removes spam and low-quality apps from the listing so it’s easier to find good apps, and shows “What’s Hot?” charts to show apps growing in popularity. AppBrain maintains lists that can sync downloads between devices and the web, and features a wealth of social and discovery features to discover great apps. Be sure to also use the Android app. also has a social network of app seekers. It shows what apps your friends have installed, and uses common interests, location, and your current apps list to come up with recommendations. The services does a good job of discovering what’s trending and displaying the most popular apps based on date. It also has a very stylish Android app offering all of the previously mentioned features and handpicked lists from editors for different groups of people: Men, Women, Developers, Gamers, Music Lovers, and so on. is absolutely useless if you have an Android device because the website is so focused on iOS that you won’t get as smooth a search as you will on the other two websites mentioned. However, it does have an Android app that aids your discovery efforts. AppsFire shows what apps are downloaded by your friends, people in your area, VIP blogger recommendations, and recommendations personalized based on what you currently have installed. There are also sections for popular apps and “mixes” that bring together the best apps for categories (cooking, photography, sports, music, and so on). So when you search for an app, mixes will get more attention because they are tested and rated highly.

P.S. Gamers can also use the game focused services of Hooked or HeyZap.