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Android Census 2011 Results: Tablets

April 10, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



From December 2011 to January 2012, asked Android users to tell us about their habits and views related to Android. More than 800 readers responded, sharing their thoughts about Android and its competition. Their answers make up the 2011 Android Census.

We’ve already detailed what people had to say about Android phones, so now its time to take a closer look at census results for Android tablets. As we noted in the phone results, these numbers represent only the audience that participated and does not claim that they are indicative of Android users as a whole.

And while we’re on the subject of tablets, thanks once again to NVIDIA Tegra for sponsoring the giveaway portion of the project that saw five participants receive a free tablet for completing the survey.


The numbers for the tablet portion of the census are identical to what we reported in the phones section. The audience was overwhelmingly male and from the United States (full demographic breakdown here). However, unlike the phone users who overwhelming reported being experienced with smartphones, tablets were a foreign experience for most respondents. Half of participants reported that they did not own a tablet.


For tablet buyers, hardware functionality ranked as the far and away most important factor in how they determine which device to buy. Despite complaints about software updates, a frequent cause for concern among Android users, a laundry list of high-powered features remains the biggest draw.

One of the potential growth areas for tablets is integration with other devices. We’ve seen RIM stress the links between the PlayBook and BlackBerry OS, Apple between the iPad/iPhone and Apple TV, and Microsoft is shooting for continuity across devices with Windows 8. With that in mind, we decided to see how valuable it might be to link Android tablet’s and TV’s. We asked users what they thought of Google TV, and this is what they reported:

Based on the census results, we learned that there’s still a large number of current Android users with interest in experiencing the OS beyond their phones. However, most have them have not yet embraced Android tablets or Google TV. It would have made sense to ask users what it would take to for that to happen – way to drop the ball on that one, Andrew! – but it was still fun to see some signs of what makes our readers tick. Thanks again to everyone who participated, and we’ll be sure to have a more consistent and dot-connecting questionnaire for the 2012 census.