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Amazon Wireless giving free Android apps and price matching for new phone buyers

April 3, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Amazon is one of many retailers for Android phones, and it’s where many consumers buy other products or download apps. The online retailer is now putting those advantages to use by removing the “beta” tag from its phone store and launching two important new features. today announced both its Best Price Guarantee and its Free Premium Apps promotion. The price guarantee is a a promise that any phone sold at, from any major carrier, will be the best possible price. Should a buyer discover a lower price on an “eligible website” (translation: they’ll probably refuse Woot, deal sites, and non everyday phone sellers) within 14 days, Amazon will credit the users the difference. And should Amazon be the one offering a better deal within 14 days of purchase, customers will also get a discount.

Interestingly enough, the Amazon Appstore is being used to sweeten the deal. New customers who purchase a phone from Amazon will be able to get about $25 worth of premium apps. This not a gift certificate to purchase any app, but there will be a list of popular, pre-approved apps that users can select. Among the premium apps are Office Suite Pro, Shazam Encore, Mahjong Artifacts, and more.

Amazon has become a major player in Android thanks to the runaway success of the Kindle Fire and the solid performance of the Amazon Appstore. Having a strong store just puts even more people in Amazon’s sights, and it’s clear the company wants to keep it that way. That naturally will make many wonder if Amazon eventually decides to actually produce branded phones. How many other companies can say they make the phones, sell the phones, and sell the apps and content customers use on them?