Will my phone get Ice Cream Sandwich through CM9? Here’s a chart to guess

March 15, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Hacks


Since Android phone makers started confirming which phones will be updated to Android 4.0 – whether by directly naming them or through unwittingly confirming by saying nothing – people have turned to the ROM community as their last hope. The next major release from CyanogenMod, a million-strong ROM community, is based on Android 4.0 and is likely to be a popular fix for many devices.

Not surprising, the same people who asked will my phone get Ice Cream Sandwich are now asking will my phone get CyanogenMod 9? To deal with that issue, The CM team has posted a handy flow chart to provide a little clarity on what type of devices can expect to not be supported for CM9.

Please note that this is not definitive or all-inclusive because the team of developers who build CyanogenMod are still testing and working on a variety of devices making sure things meet their standards. Things could change, but the group wants to provide some context clues about which devices likely won’t see an official CM9 release.

The chart shows that any device lacking 512 MB RAM or higher is not getting CM9. The odds also decrease based on manufacture and chipset vendor support, so take a look at the chart and look up the specifics of your phone to determine how likely you are to be supported. There’s a big difference between 50 and 5 percent, but a chance is a chance. (That’s why I said this chart is more about who won’t get CM9 than it is who will get it.)

There’s also a Google+ post discussing the issue. Do yourself a favor and actually look at the chart and look up the specs on your phone rather than ask “What about the ___?” because the entire point of the chart is that the CM team doesn’t want to individually answer for every single device. And remember that even though CM9 might not be made available, there are going to be derivatives of the ROM or other AOSP-based choices for your device.