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TED releases free official Android app, offers more than 1,200 talks

March 15, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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If you are familiar with ‘’Ideas worth Spreading’’ and TED Conferences, you will be very happy to know that, after a very long waiting time, there is finally an official TED Android app available for download.

With more than 1,200 exciting talks ranging from three to 18 minutes in length, it’s pretty difficult to not get overjoyed by this app, especially as it has been made available for free. Not that we were expecting something else, considering the fact that the whole TED ‘’enterprise’’ is owned by a private non-profit foundation.

Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Gordon Brown, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, as well as many Nobel Prize winners, tech geniuses, medical mavericks and business gurus have all presented their ideas through TED’s global set of conferences and all of the video recordings are now available for Android users all over the world.

If you need some motivational words to get out of bed in the morning, start a business from scratch or find some kind of purpose in life, the TEDTalks should be your starting point. Maybe they won’t change your life, but, if you aren’t deaf or ignorant, they will change your way of seeing certain things.

Enough about TEDTalks in general, though, because I’m sure that you all know more about the conferences than I do, and let’s concentrate on what the Android app brings special to the public.

Well, it’s not as if it could have reinvented the wheel and it doesn’t come with anything extraordinary, but it’s straightforward and delivers what was so expected for so long. The library is categorized, searchable and tagged, you can easily share the talks that inspired you in any way, you can mark and save talks for viewing later and you can even view videos when you are not connected to the Internet.

Another great thing about the TED Android app is that it offers support for pretty much any device running any version of Google’s OS, starting with Eclair-based gadgets and including the Amazon Kindle Fire or Sony’s Tablet P.

There’s not much else that I can say about the TED Android app, so click the source link right now and download it to your Android device of choice. You will certainly not regret it and that’s a promise!