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T-Mobile discontinues the Sidekick 4G, no follower in sight for the moment

March 12, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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While I’m far from being a slide-out QWERTY smartphone fan (I find most of them unnecessarily heavy and kind of childish, between you and me), the Sidekick brand was one of the first that made me interested in the technology world.

Initially designed by Danger and manufactured by Sharp, the Sidekick received a nice upgrade about a year ago, when the guys at T-Mobile launched a mid-range gadget with a skinned version of Android Froyo 2.2 and all the works in terms of connectivity back then and named it the ‘’T-Mobile Sidekick 4G’’.

Unfortunately, the Sidekick 4G has been discontinued as of last week, according to a report (and a leaked screenshot) from TmoNews, and we might be faced with the end of an era, as there’s no follower in sight.

At least there’s no follower that we know of, because the guys at T-Mobile are one of the best in the industry when it comes to keeping secrets, so I wouldn’t be very surprised if in a couple of months or so we will be faced with another Sidekick, hopefully featuring 4G LTE and better tech specs.

We would also expect at least the running of Android 2.3 Gingebread, but let’s cool it down with all these expectations and return to being realistic. And realistically speaking, I’m unsure, as the guys at T-Mobile probably are, whether the Sidekick brand can stand the test of time and still manage to draw attention from technology geeks in a market that is so rapidly changing and developing.

How about it, guys, is there anyone as sad as me seeing the Sidekick bite the dust or do you think that this is just another logical evolution step in the technology market? Also, would there be anyone interested in, say, a Sidekick 4G LTE with the same old full-sized QWERTY keyboard? Hit us with a comment and let us know.