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Square’s “Pay With Square” app runs a tab for mobile payments at select locations

March 26, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Square first came onto the Android scene as a hardware dongle and app combination that allows merchants and regular folks alike to accept credit card payments on a phone. The company has since expanded to sending mobile payments, and it’s making that effort easier to use with a rebranded app.

The app formerly known as Card Case is now Pay With Square, an Android 2.2 or higher app that sends payments without having to reach for your wallet – or even your phone. Pay With Square automatically creates a tab at your local bakery, restaurant, or other business, that allows customers to place orders and simply say, “Charge it to Andrew.” It’s able to do this because users set-up their payment information ahead of time and businesses can authorize the payment once the customer receives the product or is leaving. A name and photo linked to a Square account is viewable by the business to prevent charging items to someone else’s tab.

One drawback to this system is that it’s only of value if you can find a place that accepts Square payments. Pay With Square displays a map highlighting participating businesses nearby, and users can also search for a particular business. However, there isn’t a single place within 20 miles of me other than Best Buy and Radio Shack that accepts Square payments. It’s the same problem I faced with Tabbed Out.

Download Pay With Square and sign-up to see which merchants in your area offer this hands-free payment system. Those who manage to be near the more than 70,000 participating locations will be able to see their visit history, add businesses to their favorites list, and recommend those establishments to friends.