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Sprint and HTC showing off their next great Android phone April 4

March 20, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

HTC, Sprint


What’s got two thumbs, accumulated air miles, and an invitation to see what Sprint and HTC have up their sleeve? This guy.

Sprint has just invited us to attend an upcoming event in New York in which the two companies will let media folks “experience their latest collaboration.” That collaboration is likely one of the HTC One models unveiled at the most recent Mobile World Congress.

The invitation is minimal to the core, showing nothing but event details and what looks like a faded ‘X’ or an antenna. Is Sprint cryptically saying that it’s going to unveil the HTC One X and have it be LTE-compatible when it arrives this summer? Or is Andrew just reading too deep into things and referring to himself in the third person? (Could be both).

On a serious note, one would have to assume that whatever phone is unveiled will likely support Sprint’s upcoming 4G LTE network. The list of markets expecting to receive LTE coverage is unimpressively short, but the same was true when Sprint released the HTC EVO 4G during its WiMax experiment. The EVO proved to be incredibly successful for Sprint, even on placeholder network technology, and I’m sure the phone unveiled April 4 will be important for trying to hold on to those EVO 4G fans who will be near their upgrade date in a few months.

Be sure to circle back to on April 4 for event coverage of the HTC unveiling.

Bonus: We actually briefly discussed this unnamed phone on last night’s AndroidGuys podcast. You can listen to the episode here.