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Slice for Android automatically organizes online shopping receipts, tracks shipments

March 8, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Evaluated version: 1.0.1

Pros: Easy to use tracker for online purchases, shows shipping progress

Cons: Doesn't seem to have many options for filtering results

Online shoppers make purchases at a variety of sites and often have an inbox full of receipts and shipping notifications. Why not organize all that information in one place that can track your purchases and when the merchandise arrives?, a service that does exactly that, has made its way to Android. By linking with a or email account, Slice can automatically organize someone’s purchase history from U.S.-based online merchants. So every purchase you make on Amazon, Buy, NewEgg, Overstock, and the like will be included in a special archive. The service works by forwarding the confirmation emails received and gleaming information for purchase price, date, and product info.

Within the Slice Android app (2.2 or higher), users get a unified dashboard of their online purchases. Why would you want such a thing? Well, have you ever actually tried searching for an online receipt while on your phone? There are probably dozens of results – if you keep them at all – and it’s not always a simple process sifting through everything. Slice can provide quick access to order information in a good-looking interface that’s a little more sensible than email. It also can provide a better idea of how much you’ve spent ordering items, digital and physical, online.

Slice tracks orders on the way to your house. Rather than deal with tracking numbers and shipping company websites,the app automatically uses shipping info to pinpoint package location and when to expect arrival. The app organizes shipments according to those that are on the way and those that are likely to be delivered today.

Slice could benefit from a few tweaks, including the ability to filter according to merchant or category, but it is already a very solid entrance on the first go round. It missed a couple of purchases I’ve made, but users can go into their email inbox to manually forward orders that the service may have missed. You can also visit the desktop version of Slice to set-up email alerts for when prices drop on items you purchase (in case you want more or have a price-matching deal). Slice is free and available now to track purchases for up to five Gmail or Yahoo accounts.