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Seesmic adds Instagram viewing and ads, releases pro version with first premium feature

March 27, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Seesmic went ages without a significant update, and it’s been almost a year since that tablet-optimized version of the app we raved about was shown off briefly before being thrown into a digital dungeon. But the social media company has made some important changes to Seesmic for Android that users may want to see.

First of all, Seesmic now supports thumbnail and image viewing within the Twitter app. Photos posted to Twitter, as well those imported from Instagram, now appear as thumbnails for quick previews, and open up within Seesmic rather than launching the browser. All signs point to an imment Instagram Android app launch (for realsies this time), so this will be a welcome change soon.

Advertisements are the next noticeable change. The latest version of Seesmic displays mobile ads within the timeline of the free version. Users can opt-out of seeing such ads by purchasing Seesmic Pro, a $2.99 upgrade key that removes the ads and offers a new “combined view” premium feature. Rather than access one social media account at a time, combined view can add a mode that imports tweets/updates from a different Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Hit up Google Play to install the updated version of Seesmic and then purchase the Pro version if this is still your Android app of choice. Here’s the full changelog.

Updates to this version include the following added features:

  • Viewing from Instagram and Twitter within your timeline
  • Ability to upload images directly to Twitter
  • Removed support for Chatter
  • Implemented ad-support
  • Various bugs fixes and minor improvements

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