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Samsung Galaxy S III launch confirmed for April, according to Korean website

March 2, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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After Samsung Galaxy S II’s huge success, technology enthusiasts all over the world are eagerly awaiting for the release of the Galaxy S III. Even though we still have no tech specs, features or design details official for the time being, it’s pretty clear that we are in for a treat with the third-generation Samsung flagship.

And after months of unconfirmed rumors and speculations, it seems that the guys at Samsung have finally thrown us a bone. ‘’Seems’’ would be the key word in the above sentence, because even the piece of news we are going to bring you in the following lines is not to be trusted one hundred percent.

Are you ready? According to, Samsung’s marketing and advertising agency has earlier today confirmed the Galaxy S III as launching this April. Yes, boys and gals, this April, which is only around the corner and my number one reason to be at least cautious when talking about this supposed ‘’official confirmation’’ from Samsung.

I know, I know, I’m being a party pooper right now, but it’s hard for me to trust this ‘’piece of news’’, as there were so many similar trustworthy rumors and leaks these past months that contradicted one another.

Also, it’s hard to believe that Samsung will hold that special unveiling event for the Galaxy S III at the beginning of April only to release the smartphone the same month. Or maybe they will surprise us all and actually hold that event earlier than planned?

Getting back to ZDNET Korea’s exclusive ‘’news’’, it would seem that the Galaxy S III will be launched in the United Kingdom and Europe first and shortly after in the United States. That particular information might be more believable, as the UK is expected to be making some serious marketing efforts during the following months in order to draw attention to the Summer Olympics scheduled to take place in London this summer.

All in all, while I for one am clearly not convinced about the credibility of this new Samsung Galaxy S III rumor, I advise you to keep in touch with our website in the near future so as to be one of the first to find out the oh-so-needed and desired official information about the future Android-based smartphone.