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Samsung Galaxy Note sales hit 5 million in just 5 months

March 28, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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Samsung Galaxy Note

Even though most of us technology enthusiasts were sure of Samsung Galaxy Note’s success immediately after the gadget’s release, I don’t know how many people could have guessed that the ‘’phablet’’ will in fact hit it so big.

What am I talking about? Well, the guys at Samsung have just released the latest sales figures for the Galaxy Note and it seems that the monster 5.3-incher has already managed to ship out five million units.

That’s right, five million Galaxy Notes sold in only five months, which has helped Samsung to grab around 67 percent of the Korean smartphone market share and to gain leadership in important countries such as China, France or Spain.

It also has to be said that, even though the Galaxy Note has been available in Asia starting last October, in the United States it has come much later, which means that the five million units could become ten million in no time.

As a matter of fact, if I remember correctly (and a quick search on Google says I do), at the beginning of March, Samsung reported 2 million Galaxy Notes sold. That means that no less than three additional million gadgets have been shipped in less than a month, meaning that Samsung has once again made it big, after the Galaxy S II’s and the Nexus’ hits.

In other news, Samsung has officially confirmed the release of an LTE version of the Galaxy Note in Japan next month on NTT DoCoMo carrier. As far as the Ice Cream Sandwich update goes, promised a while back and delayed for ‘’Q2 2012’’, the guys at Samsung have been awfully quiet, which is usually a bad, bad sign.

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