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Karma Android app recommends and send gifts to your friends and family

March 2, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Evaluated version: 1.5.4

Pros: Affordable gift ideas, excellent design, sends gift notifications via SMS/Facebook/email

Cons: No option to purchase gift directly to hand-deliver

There’s always something going on in your world that requires giving gifts. Some foolish cousin is getting married way too young, or a friend’s birthday sneaks up on you. It can be tough to track, and even tougher to know what gift to send to the people experiencing these milestones.

Karma may come in handy if you need of recommendations for what to buy someone special. Karma can connect with your Facebook account or address book (optional) to know who and when you need to send a gift for a wedding, birthday, baby shower, or other event. It browses your social circle data to know when these events take place, and then helps plan your response. Or, users can browse for gifts “just because.”

Karma shows a number of gifts organized according to the occasion or recipient. An anniversary may require browsing the Romantic section to purchase chocolate or  jewelry. Or I can shop for a personality type, like my Mad Men-obsessed friend who would enjoy Whisky Stones for his midday drinks. I can also send my cousin a Gift of Glam gift certificate, or give my nephew some Xbox Live Points for his birthday.

The great thing about Karma is that aside from having solid gift ideas, suggestions are all affordable. Most of the gifts I browsed were in the $10 to $40 range, and the app can filter results according to price range just as easily as it filters by event. And once you’ve selected a gift, Karma even offers the option to attach a note and have recipients directly enter their shipping info to claim the gift.

Gift giving isn’t always easy, and you won’t always find the right item within Karma. But if you’d like a shortcut to choosing a gift and sending it to someone special on important milestones or just because, this app provides a great starting point.

Thanks, Kevin