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Kairosoft releases Dungeon Village RPG, available on Android Market for $4.94

March 2, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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Dungeon Village

Konami released Ash, a retro-looking RPG for Android yesterday, and that particular market niche has just improved with a new title. Dungeon Village is a similar 16-bit RPG and is already available for purchasing on Android Market for as less as $4.94.

Ok, some of you might be bugged by that price tag, as we have lately become more and more accustomed with free or cheap content, but Dungeon Village is no ordinary Android game and that can be easily noticed by looking at its early user reviews on Android Market.

Coming from one of my personal favorite mobile game developers of the moment, Kairosoft, the studio behind such hits as Game Dev Story, Grand Prix Story and World Cruise Story, Dungeon Village might not feature breathtaking HD visuals, but looks like a very addictive app with a simple, yet catchy plotline.

If conquering dungeons and clearing out hordes of monsters are two of your favorite activities on a daily basis, it’s practically impossible to not be drawn in by Dungeon Village. However, you should not think that this game will put your brain on pause, because the main target is actually not to kill beasts, but to build a town that warriors and merchants can call home.

Without giving out any more details about the game’s features and functions, I would like to once again notice the user reviews (35 people already gave Dungeon Village five stars and only one gave it four), but also the fact that it should run smoothly on older Android devices with Donut, Eclair or Froyo as well as on newer gadgets with Gingerbread, Honeycomb or ICS. I don’t know if there are still people owning a Donut or Eclair-powered phone, but if there are, it’s nice to see that they haven’t been forgotten yet.

If you are tempted to see what Dungeon Village is all about, click the Android Market link below, check out the reviews and then purchase it with trust and no hesitation. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose, as one of my favorite TV characters would say!