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Google’s Nexus Tablet with Asus is apparently done, but does it stand a chance?

March 16, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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Android’s position in the tablet department is anything but commendable.  The few bright spots for Android is the Amazon Kindle Fire (which is Android skinned mostly with Amazon products) and the Asus Transformer line.  Apple has clearly dominated the space from day one with the iPad and its third generation iPad just launched today, which looks to extend Apple’s tremendous reach.  However, Google is rumored to have a tablet that is a “done deal” according to a source at a major supply chain firm in the United States.

Speculation of Google entering the tablet scene began when Eric Schmidt unintentionally or intentionally revealed that the company is working on a tablet “of the highest quality.”  Recently, it was rumored that Google was in talks with Asus to develop a Nexus branded tablet — one that would feature high-end hardware from Asus efficiently integrated with Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Now, Asus reportedly scrapped its MeMo 370T announced during CES 2012, which is a tablet with a 7 inch screen, NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor for $249 that was announced at CES 2012 in favor of developing the Nexus Tablet with Google.  The Nexus Tablet is rumored to feature a 7 inch touch screen display, a dual-core processor, Android 4.0 and only cost between $149-$199.  If the tablet were to cost $149 when it launches, it would undercut the Amazon Kindle Fire by $50.

The Supply Chain source says the Nexus Tablet is already done and could be announced at CTIA tradeshow during May 8-10.  If this is true, it would probably launch in early June, hopefully in multiple markets.  Of course, Google has yet to officially comment on the tablet at this time.

The Google Nexus Tablet manufactured by Asus for only $149 does sound very enticing, but the other specs will have to be divulged first before we can make an accurate assessment.  Most manufacturers — cough Samsung — continue to churn out high-end tablets that are expensive.  Or, we see no name manufacturers attempt to produce cheap tablets, and the quality is terrible.  We’ve seen the large retail success Amazon is enjoying with the Kindle Fire, so I would say a Nexus Tablet, if developed and marketed correctly, could do very well in this environment. It just simply has to work efficiently and not try to do too much.