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Android Market rebranded as Google Play, but will a new name and lower prices make a difference? [POLL]

March 7, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



The Android Market is no more. Google’s digital store for downloading Android apps, games, books, music, and movies has been renamed Google Play. So when someone wants an app, they visit the Google Play Store. Want a book? Go to Google Play Books, and so on.

To celebrate the rebranding, Google has dropped the price on titles in all content formats. There are currently 33 apps and games that cost only 49 cents in the U.S. Each day, a new album in Google Play Music and a new eBook in Google Play Books goes on sale for only 25 cents. Some movie rentals are as low as $0.99, so Google is offering up a month’s worth of entertainment for the cost of a quick lunch.

I haven’t purchased much during these sales because I already have most of the content offered (I’m a sucker who pays retail). However, the sale did encourage me to purchase the book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I have no desire to see the movie but the concept seemed interesting enough to spend $0.25 for what I hear is a good book. More importantly, this is the first book I have ever purchased from Google. I have traditionally purchased all my eBooks from Barnes & Noble (on my Nook) or Amazon because it had a bigger and better selection available at a lower cost. For the first time since its debut, I gave Google Play Books a shot.

That seems to be the whole point of this rebranding. The Android Market is clearly a better name, but the word Android is limiting. Google’s name carriers much more recognition and shows that the content is available in places other than Android. More importantly, it’s part of Google’s attempt to remind consumers that it offers a complete ecosystem (in the United States) for all digital entertainment, just like Amazon and Apple. It’ll be tough to convince non-Android customers though.

Either way, the rebranding has led to yet another excuse for Google to drop prices on content. Will it work? Google Music is reportedly struggling, and I’d guess that Movies isn’t doing much better. Have lower prices caused you to purchase more apps or content?

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