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Google Play Movies now available in France. One country down, dozens more to go!

March 29, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Android device owners in France woke up to some good news today. In the early morning hours, Google announced that its Google Play movie rental service is now available in France. “French classics” like La Grotte Des Rêves Perdus and Le Bal Des Actrices are now available to stream to Android phones and tablets, as are numerous other titles.

The movie libraries have some differences from what’s seen in the U.S.-based market, as Google Play France has more French-language titles. There are also plenty of American-made films, but some users are upset that films originally made in English use voice dubbing rather than subtitles. A commenter named Laurent Armando went so far as to say in the Google+announcement post, “No VOSTFR? We, frenchies, are snob, we want our foreign movies with subtitles. VF is for peasants and children.”

Regardless of how upset some users may be about the overdubbing, Google Play Movies launching in France is an important step in Google getting its services in more countries. Google is often criticized for Music, Movies, and Books not being globally available, even though that is mostly out of the companies hands (Google has to secure licensing rights in individual markets before it can launch a service there).

France is the second European and first predominantly non-English speaking country to gain access to Google Play Movies. One can only hope that more European countries will follow and more services, like Music and Books, will become available beyond the handful of countries that can currently access that content.

French users should see movies appear in Google Play. As a friendly warning to those who didn’t know previously, you cannot rent Google Play Movies if you have a rooted device.