Diztronic Galaxy Nexus case: light, cheap, and fits the extended battery

March 19, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Accessories, Cases


I prefer my phones as naked as the day they were born. I hate the bulk that most cases add, and I don’t like covering up the final design product either. But after dropping my HTC EVO 4G more times than I care to count, and seeing that my Galaxy Nexus has already been chipped in several areas, I decided to buy a case prevent further damage.

But I had two non-negotiable rules: the case had to be thin enough to provide protection but not make the phone chunky, and it had to be able to fit the official Samsung extended battery. That eliminated several cases on the market, and led me to the Diztronic Matte Black Flexible case.

The Diztronic case is one of the few that meets my criteria. The case is flexible enough to provide the extra room for the extended battery and not make the phone too much thicker. Even after using it for a month, the case still manages to provide a snug fit for when I decide to put the standard Galaxy Nexus battery back on. Cutouts exist to expose ports, speakers, buttons, and the camera, but it otherwise protects the phone fairly well. A screen protector is included, but it feels too thick and plasticky, so I opted not to use it.

At only $9.99 on Amazon, the Diztronic case is a bargain. But as you can guess from that low price, the material isn’t top of the line. The matte finish has a rubbery touch that doesn’t feel very luxurious. On the bright side, the material doesn’t pick up fingerprints or moisture, and does a good job of protecting the phone from nicks and scratches. That’s about all it doesn’t because there isn’t much absorption like you’ll find with Otterbox or Casemate. Diztronic is more for people looking to protect phones from very low-impact fall. Give it a try if you need light and affordable phone protection.