Call Actions & Reminders provides post-call shortcuts & reminders on future calls [App Reviews]

March 13, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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After ending a phone call on most Android devices, your choices are to redial that number or add the person to a contact. However, it’s far more likely that you’ll need to make a note or document something important that you discussed. That’s why Android users should try Call Actions & Reminders, an interesting app that provides additional post-call options.

Call Actions & Reminders makes it easy to note or act on information from a phone conversation. After a call ends, the app gives users the typical options of redialing, sending a text, or adding a phone number to a contact. However, it also can create an alarm and/or calendar event that will serve as a reminder. A user could make a note of a meeting or task that needs to be completed, and customize the way it’s treated.

Imagine that Bob tells Samir he needs to get travel expense reports from everyone in his department. Call Actions gives Samir the option to enter a note about the task and have it appear in the notification drawer until acted upon. Samir could also have that note appear whenever Bob calls, or set an alarm to remind him. Call Actions can even create a Google Calendar event that contains details of the call and Samir’s added notes (Android 4.0 only for that particular feature).

It’s not just forgetful people who could benefit from Call Actions. The app can provide the same action options for missed calls, and it can also send a person’s VCard or share the call details (time, duration, number) to another app. I experienced trouble saving the plain text details in some apps like Google Docs and Gmail, but it worked fine in Dropbox. I found value only in the ability to create reminders, but you can also copy those details into the clipboard.

Call Actions has a Windows 7-like interface that users can make slight changes to. The app would be better if users could select which actions appear, but its core function is solid and useful. Anyone with an Android 2.2 or higher device should be able to use the app, which is available for free in Google Play.