Boid gives Twitter an Android 4.0 bite of Ice Cream Sandwich [Alpha App Review]

March 12, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Evaluated version: 0.68

Pros: Minimalist design and solid speeds for browsing tweets

Cons: Important features missing and still an alpha that needs work

Google wants Android app developers to follow the Ice Cream Sandwich UI conventions, but even big names like Twitter prefer a consistent look across platforms. If you’d like a Twitter Android app that’s uniquely Android, give Boid a try.

Available now as an alpha, meaning it’s early in the development process and still requires improvement, Boid is an Android 4.0+ app based on the “Holo” theme. The design fits right in line with the look and movements of ICS apps. It’s a mostly flat appearance, but users can customize the app to have Blue, MIUI Orange, Red, or Turquoise color sets. The interface is the simplest I’ve seen since Twicca, so fans of minimalism might like the straight-forwardness based on ICS.

Boid sadly doesn’t have the feature set of Twicca. In fact, there aren’t many features to write about since I wasn’t even able to send tweets until an update was released last week. It also does a poor job handling links within tweets and doesn’t yet let users embed photos. I’ll remind users once again that this is an alpha, so there’s a roadmap left to travel. At the moment, the no-frills look is a good one and updates are coming. As for the features that are available, here are the basics:

  • View Timeline, Mentions, Messages, and Trends
  • Horizontal swipe between each column
  • Retweet, reply, and favorite tweets
  • Direct messages and profile view
  • Search for hashtags and keywords
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • SSL Security

We usually avoid reviewing alphas, but Boid is unique enough to warrant an early look. If you’re still looking for a different take on Twitter apps and willing to give an upstart a chance, download Boid for Android from Google Play. Expect to see more features, including a widget and support for Twitlonger, in future updates.

Android 4.0 or higher is required to use the app.