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Apps Alert #91: Best apps for Android from the past two weeks

March 16, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Each week, reviews the best apps for Android. Below is a list of free Android apps to download, including links to some of our recent app reviews and news coverage. Click on the thumbnails to be taken to Google Play to download the apps.

Tablified Market

What are the best Android tablet apps? Heck, what are the Android tablet apps? It can sometimes be difficult to find the apps that are actually built for larger screens or at least scale up appropriately. Tablified Market D seeks to accomplish that with a curated view of the the app choices from Google Play. Games and apps are organized according to category, and some are selected as featured titles. When something grabs the user’s interest, Tablified then links to the official Google Play to download the app. So why use this rather than just browse Play? Because Tablified Market doesn’t list all 450,000 apps – it only lists apps confirmed to support tablet modes. If you have a Honeycomb tablet and find it difficult to sift through to discover tablet-friendly apps, give this one a try. The app is free but a premium version removes ads.

Scramble With Friends

Zynga’s Scramble With Friends is a competitive word search game in which players must spot words in a jumble of letters. A ticking clock keeps the pace moving, but players can purchase “Power Ups” that can freeze time to stop the clock, Inspire to point out clues, and Scramble to re-jumble the letters on the grid. Players must highlight as many words as possible in two minutes – letters must be connected to each other and able to trace – and whoever has the most points after three rounds wins the game. Scramble uses Facebook Connect to enable multiplayer with friends or a random opponent.


Video editing is time consuming and sometimes a team effort. WeVideo is a recently-launched service that allows groups to collaborate on the video editing process. On the web-based desktop app, users can take multiple videos from other users and then create a final product using the different angles or clips delivered by team members. With the WeVideo Camera Android app, users can make their phones become a contributor. WeVideo can instantly record and upload the video for editing online. The app can also take existing video, trim recordings to only upload a portion of the video, add images, and create new clips. Quality and compatibility varies by device, but video creators might want to look into seeing how useful this app might be for their workflow.


InstaCamera believes smartphone camera apps aren’t fast enough. Instead of having users launch the app, focus on a subject, and press a button to take a picture, InstaCamera does all that for you. The moment the app is launched, it takes a picture and closes. Users can set it to stay open and take a picture every time the screen is tapped, or they can have it automatically take up to five pictures in a row. InstaCamera is useful for people who see something happening and want to take a photo immediately. If the same necessity presents itself for audio, then you should check out InstaRecord. I’m sure you’ve guessed that app is perfect for starting an instant audio recording.


AppGarden aims to be the Swiss Army Knife of Android utility apps. Rather than have apps for timezone information, thesaurus, airport codes, and zip codes, this app puts those features and more into one place. App Garden has local features like a timer and voice recorder, but most of its applications are ways to fetch web data quickly and without having launch the browser. So instead of going to to use a thesaurus or Google Finance to get a stock quote, you do it within the app and save time. Not all apps are as useful as others, so mark the ones you use most as ‘Favorites’ and change the settings to launch directly to the Favorites section.

Quick Hits

Mass Effect 3 Live Wallpaper – You might be one of the people pissed about Mass Effect 3′s ending, but you still might love this live wallpaper available only for NVIDIA Tegra devices. A male or female Commander Shepard is stationary on screen while the background is active.

Regal Cinemas – I only attend Regal theaters because they have a monopoly on my area and I’m a former employee who can sometimes get hook-ups. Download the official app and you can also get specials (rarely), showtimes for local theaters, purchase tickets, or track your Crown Card purchase history and points total.

Broadcastr - I wrote about this app last year because I love how users can go to a location and the hear audio stories shared about or took place at nearby locations. It’s like a geolocated Android version of NPR’s StoryCorps. The app recently got a much-improved UI improvement and some performance improvements.

Runtastic Push Up App - Need to count your push-ups? Need to do it by placing your phone flat on the ground and counting every time you get close to it through the proximity sensor? Need to get a voice coach pushing you on, personal stats, and sharing your results online? Sounds like you need a protein shake. Oh, and Runtastic Push Up App.

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