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Acclaimed retro RPG Ash from Konami hits the Android Market for just $1.99

March 1, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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Ash Konami

Even though it’s one of the leading PC video game developers in the world, Konami hasn’t made much of an appearance in the Android universe, only releasing a couple of so-so games for us Google fanatics, like Frogger or X-Men.

The latest Konami title to hit the Android Market might not be a game changer itself, but it could draw some attention from retro RPG enthusiasts. I know, that seems like a very tiny market niche, but Ash (that’s the name of the game, by the way) looks interesting, at least on paper.

As you may have picked up already after using the term ‘’retro’’, Ash will not feature breathtaking HD visuals or anything like that, but will rather address the nostalgic public that used to play the original Deus Ex, Fallout or Knights of the old Republic for hours and hours decades ago (alright, one decade ago).

I personally was one of the biggest fans of Deus Ex and Knights of the Old Republic back in the day (even though I sucked at playing them), so for me and other gamers like me (old, that is) this Konami release might be tempting enough to be worth its money.

And talking about money, I can’t help but stress the fact that Ash is fairly cheap for what it brings to the table, as it is currently available on Android Market for just 1.99 bucks.

Don’t be phased by this game’s old-fashioned look though, because it is actually one of the most complex mobile RPGs I for one have seen in a while. In fact, those of you who are not into this whole retro look and feel should not avoid this game, as the solid story, witty dialogue and simple, but very fun and catchy combat are bound to make you addicted to ‘’Ash’’.

Check out some screenshots below and, if you are the least bit intrigued by this new Konami title, click the Android Market link at the end of the post and purchase the game. After all, it’s only two bucks and you will most likely not regret spending as less as you would pay for a Sunday newspaper, for example.

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