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uTorrent app for downloading torrents on Android phones and tablets in the works

February 26, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Android News


uTorrent already has a very nice Android app for anyone looking to control their queue. However, it doesn’t yet support people who wish to download torrents on their Android device. The operative word in that sentence was yet.

TorrentFreak reports that a uTorrent Android client is currently in development. BitTorrent Inc., is developing an app that would download torrents on Android phones and tablets rather than rely on using the remote to initiate downloads on the desktop.

“Like any software company, we know a mobile experience is really important to our users,” an unnamed BitTorrent employee told TorrentFreak, though he declined to provide an estimated time of arrival for the app.

Whenver the uTorrent Android client arrives, it will be well received. One of the biggest complaints I heard from readers when the uTorrent for Android app was released was disappointment at the fact that this was only a remote app rather than a client. I was thrilled just to have something to control downloads, but I can understand why some people might want more. Mobile phones and tablets are increasingly becoming our media consumption methods of choice, so it would be nice to be able to download directly to the devices which we intend to consume. Instead of downloading to the computer, then connecting mobile and desktop to sync the content, users could get instant access on Android phones and tablets.

This is the spot where I remind you to download responsibly. Be mindful of not only what you torrent, but also how much you download when not on Wi-Fi.