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N3V Games to release FPS Heist: The Score on March 2

February 29, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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heist the score

If you didn’t believe me earlier when I told you that this is the time to closely watch the Android Market as more and more exciting games are released or discounted, the joke’s clearly on you. Why? Because another Android game has just been officially confirmed as coming soon and will actually be released in just two days.

The game is called Heist: The Score and, even though it will be ready to enrich your Android experience starting on March 2nd, it still doesn’t have a price tag attached to its name. What is pretty clear is that the app will not be made available for free, as it is pretty much the definition of premium mobile content.

Set in the 1920s, Heist: The Score looks like an old-fashioned FPS game at a first glance and will most likely focus on high resolution graphics, stunning sound effects and a simple, but challenging and exciting target.

To sum up this game’s ‘’plot’’, you will have to pull off a seemingly simple bank job gone crazy set in the prohibition era. Sounds pretty easy and straightforward, but, at least for me, those are the games that most of the times prove so fun and addictive.

While ‘’Heist’’ will most definitely not challenge your strategic mind and gaming abilities, the FPS has a good shot of being a somewhat ‘’educational’’ app aside from helping us to blow off some steam while shooting some a-holes who for some reason are keen to not letting us break the law. How come educational? Well, I don’t think that there are many of you familiar with the prohibition era in the United States anymore, so maybe there will be a couple of Android geeks that will be convinced by the game to ”google” that important part of this country’s history and learn something for a change.

Or you’re just going to have some fun while shooting a-holes… Either way, you should keep an eye on the Android Market starting March 2nd and to come back to our website and tell us all about your heisting. Enjoy being a (virtual) outlaw!

Via Droidgamers