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HTC adds Thunderbolt and other North American phones to Android 4.0 upgrade list

February 17, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Yes, the HTC Thunderbolt will receive Android 4.0 later this year. HTC has previously stated that select phones would be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich, but some notable exceptions were left off the list of devices. Today, the company confirmed on Facebook that Verizon’s Thunderbolt would be among the list of phones that can expect an update.

In the process, HTC also confirmed that a few other Verizon Android phones – the HTC Rhyme and Droid Incredible 2 – will join the Rezound as ICS-compatible phones. No specific window has been confirmed, but it finally provides official word about some of the more popular American phones expected to receive updates. Previous announcements on the HTC Facebook were always jam-packed with people asking if their phones would be supported. Now we can switch to demands about when those phones will be supported.

Canadians also got some good news from today’s update. The HTC Raider, at least for Bell and Rogers customers, will receive an update to Android 4.0 later this year. HTC has promised to narrow the release window later in “coming weeks.” Considering that we’re already halfway through Q1 2012 and these phones were just added to the list of confirmed devices, don’t expect to see an update in your immediate future.

So what say you, HTC Android owners? Are you pleased, pissed, or still on the fence about the way HTC is handling its upgrade schedule? As much crap as we’ve given Android manufacturers over the past couple of years, I must say that HTC has been the best about providing support to its devices. That trend seems to be continuing.

HTC Facebook via Phandroid