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Google Wallet appears in Android Market workaround for AT&T and Verizon Galaxy Nexus, T-Mobile Nexus S

February 2, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Hey now! It looks like Google, or the mystery magical app fairies, managed to get Google Wallet into the Android Market for more Nexus devices. Previously, Google Wallet was viewable in the Android Market only by Sprint Nexus S 4G users, but it’s suddenly popped up for Galaxy Nexus users on AT&T and Nexus S owners on T-Mobile USA.

There’s no telling when it first started happening, but The Verge reports that it’s available now. A few people in the comment section report that they are now able to see the app and download it, a welcome change from the previous solution of hunting down APK’s and having to repeat the process when an update was available. This method is officially sanctioned and allows users to get to Google Wallet via the standard installation method.

Also of note is that some Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4G users are also able to download directly through the Android Market via a workaround. Droid-Life received a tip from a reader who found a roundabout way to install through the browser on the Galaxy Nexus. I managed to get it to work on my stock, non-rooted Galaxy Nexus on my third attempt (use the long way described); others weren’t so lucky.

In an ideal world, Google would just make the app available to everyone, but carriers sadly stand in the way of that happening. You can look around for an APK to install manually if you own an unsupported device, but those lucky enough to get Wallet through the Market can get a list of local stores that support it here.