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Gameloft slashes Android game prices for Valentine’s Day in the UK

February 13, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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The guys at Sega have discounted three exciting Android titles for Valentine’s a few days ago, but we all know that good things come to those who wait, which is exactly what we are faced with today.

Gameloft has slashed the prices on all their Android games starting today and ending tomorrow night and the offer is hefty, to say the least. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, The Adventures of TinTin, Eternal Legacy HD, Order & Chaos, Dungeon Hunter 2 HD, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD are just a few of the best and coolest Gameloft titles on sale and they are all available for just 99p a piece on Gameloft’s UK Android store.

Unfortunately, all us American Android gamers have been left drooling for the time being, as there’s no mention of a similar sale in the land of the free and the home of the brave. However, it’s still morning here (more or less) and in the UK the offer has been kicked off around noon, so I for one am still keeping my fingers crossed.

For all those lucky Brits reading this post, let’s also say a couple of things about Gameloft’s marketing campaign, which is at the same time strange and intriguing. Therefore, instead of saying that the discounts are made available for those of you who want to get a nice present for your loved ones, the guys at Gameloft are saying that the promotion is especially targeting ‘’ single people out there who’re either too busy to even be contemplating such a day, who’ve hit that ever so treacherous friend-zone shudder, or who’re simply single & proud or destined to be forever alone’’.

It’s a kind of anti-Valentine’s approach that I for one really like, but, as far as I’m concerned, no matter if you are single and forever alone or have a wife and two mistresses on the side, you have no excuse of not getting at least a couple of really cool Android games from Gameloft right now.

Update: It seems that, while the iOS special offer is available both in the UK and the US, Android users in America are in fact left out by Gameloft. (Source)

Source: via Gameloft UK Blog