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EA’s The Sims FreePlay likely coming to Android soon

February 7, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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FedEx and UPS are at my house on a weekly basis, but I’m accustom to getting phones, tablets, and accessories sent to me from PR companies, not swag.

That’s what happened to me a short while ago when I received a bundle from EA Mobile. To my surprise, the box featured a pair of paper speakers, a scarf that will get plenty of use when I go to New York soon, and a mug that I can use to drink my morning tea. Um, thanks for the gifts EA, but why on Earth would you send this to me?

All of the swag EA sent is branded with The Sims Free Play, a popular freemium game based in the Sims universe. Players live virtual lives by building and decorating homes, interacting with other avatars, completing goals, and the like. The game is free, but users can access in-game purchases for upgrades. It’s highly-rated on iOS, so maybe EA is finally bringing the party over to Android?

It would appear so because Taylor from AndroidAndMe got the same curious bundle of promo materials. I’d imagine some of our other friends at Android blogging sites will report receiving the package as well, so this must be EA’s way of teasing us that the game is coming soon. How soon? Very soon most likely, but I’ll keep an eye out. For now, I have some mint tea on the stove to tend to while listening to my new paper speakers.