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Dolphin Sonar lets you search the Internet with your voice, to become Android’s Siri

February 29, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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Ever since the iPhone 4S’ launch, all of Apple’s fanatics have driven us Android geeks crazy with their oh-so-cool, original and innovative Siri voice assistant. And even though I for one can’t understand what this fuss is all about, there was talk for a while now about a similar piece of software made for Android devices.

If you have held your breath waiting for such an Android voice assistant, I have two pieces of news for you today. The good news is that a somewhat similar feature has been released earlier today as part of an update for the Dolphin browser.

The bad news, however, is that the Dolphin Sonar (I know, a much cooler name than ‘’Siri’’) won’t be able (for the time being at least) to do all the things that Apple users are currently able to do with the help of their ‘’intelligent personal assistant’’.

Dolphin Sonar should be pretty easy to use, as you only need to shake your phone or tap on the microphone in the lower right corner during your Dolphin browsing. After that, you can search popular websites such as Facebook, Google or eBay for everything that comes to mind, as well as open a new browsing tab and go to the bottom or top of a web page.

That’s pretty much all Sonar will be able to do for now, but its developers have promised to come with several updates in the near future adding useful functions and capabilities. For example, it shouldn’t be long until being able to share a link or a status update on Facebook by simply ‘’commanding’’ your Android device to do so.

Sure, Sonar is and will probably always be just a third-party app incapable of fully reaching Siri’s level of functionality, but I’m confident that this is just a first step and we will soon see other more complex such Android programs.

As much as I would like to end the article in a more professional and serious note, I can’t help but send a message to all you Apple fanatics out there. Give it up, guys, and step towards the light of the future brought by Android! (I’m only half joking, just so you know).

Via VatorNews