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Comcast launches Netflix competitor this week, Android support coming later this year

February 21, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Android News


Cable, phone, and Internet service provider Comcast is set to take on Netflix with a new on-demand movie and television streaming service known as Streampix. Available in addition to its XfinityTV streaming service, Streampix will expand the viewing options available to Comcast subscribers.

And it will be available to those Comcast subscribers who own Android phones and tablets.

Comcast is launching Streampix on television in a few days. However, the company promises that Streampix will be made available on Android-powered devices “in the coming year.” The yet-to-be-disclosed date for such an act would give Android users thousands of movies and television episodes to view on their mobile phones and tablets. ABC, NBC, Sony, Universal, and Warner Bros. have all signed on to participate, meaning Streampix will have many familiar titles at launch. Some of the titles mentioned in today’s announcement includes full seasons of 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, and Married…with Children, as well as genre classic movies like The Big Lebowski and When Harry Met Sally. (See some more titles like Battlestar Galactica in the promo photo below.)

Streampix will only be an option for people who subscribe to Comcast video services. It will be free for subscribers of Xfinity Triple Play (tv, web, and phone), and available for $4.99 in certain packages. The free or at least low cost could pose a serious threat to Netflix’s streaming-only option if Comcast can manage to have a large and timely library. Part of Netflix’s problem is that much of its best and newest content is available only on DVD and it takes several additional weeks before streaming users get new, quality programming. Comcast may suffer the same fate, but the cheaper price may end up hurting Netflix’s bottom line. At least it might among Comcast subscribers.