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CloudMagic for Android is a better, faster search for Gmail, Docs, Twitter, and more

February 13, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Search is the bread and butter of Google, but it’s not perfect or the only way to locate your important information. Sometimes, a third party can come in and locate the same information faster or more efficiently. That’s the case with CloudMagic, an app for Android that does an incredible job of scouring your data in an instant.

CloudMagic works by magically indexing your Google and Twitter data in the cloud, enabling users to search their private and public interactions with lightening speed. So instead of using the Gmail search to find messages with the word “Orange” and waiting 7-10 seconds for results, CloudMagic is already providing suggested results within a second of you typing “o-r-a-n.” It also maintains a search history for when you revisit that query.

Once authorized, CloudMagic can search Gmail correspondence, calendar events, Google Docs documents, contacts, and tweets. The app stores those emails, events, and the like so they can be quickly read after a search. It’s much faster than standard search, especially if you need to look-up older tweets on Twitter, which has a search feature that is fairly worthless unless you want to see what’s happening right now.

CloudMagic does come up short in a couple of areas. The limitation to Google and Twitter leaves out some other services that may be of interest – Dropbox, Facebook, SugarSync, and others to name a few. It also doesn’t let users set how often to index, so your results may not always be as fresh as you’d like. But considering how fast search results appear and how easily it is to filter by type, CloudMagic is more than worth dealing with those minor issues.

Download CloudMagic from the Android Market for free. There are also Chrome and Firefox extensions to use when browsing Gmail on the desktop.