Anomaly Warzone Earth HD is a fun tower attack game [Video Game Reviews]

February 3, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Evaluated version: 1.11

Pros: Enjoyable change of pace for the tower gaming genre, great production value

Cons: Download process might be problematic

Everyone can name a decent tower defense game, but how many Android users can rattle off the title of their favorite tower offense game? Anomaly Warzone Earth HD flips the old format on its head and creates a fun strategy-based game in which players plan an attack on a position rather than protect it.

The premise of Anomaly HD, available for $3.99, is that aliens have invaded planet Earth and a commander must lead a group of units through fields of enemies to complete tactical missions. That can range from cutting through alien forces to rescue trapped comrades, re-taking military facilities, or going on recon missions to learn more about the invaders and acquire weaponry that will lead to ultimate victory.

Along the way, players will see the familiar features of a tower game: destroying adversaries earns money to acquire new units and purchase upgrades, tactical rewards can heal fighters or provide an advantage in battle, and waves of attacks will determine your chance for survival. Players can make changes to their attack plan – including route and sell vehicles to get more money for upgrades or changes – in the middle of an attack.

The main problem with Anomaly is actually the installation process. The app requires an additional 180 MB of game data to function and it took me 3 days before I finally managed to get the entire filed downloaded without crashing. Once I did, I found that the graphics weren’t mind-blowing, but the other aspects of the production value were very good. Support staff provides audio updates about missions and alerts users when they need to perform repairs or consider alternate routes. There’s also a good story and three levels of difficulty that can be changed for each mission. At $4.99, this is a game that I can see people enjoying when they pick it up, put it down when they have to, and come right back to find the same level of enjoyment.

Here’s a video showing some action from the game.