AndroidToddler: HeavenHell is Physics Gaming Fun [Game Review]

February 23, 2012 | by Jamie Maltman

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Evaluated version: 1.5

Pros: Fun, Cute, Can Work Together

Cons: Sequences Are Challenging For Kids

If you have kids in your house, I hope you’re having as much fun with them on your Android devices as I am. I’m constantly trying new games that are fun for my 3 year old son and myself, especially ones we can play together. Touch screens are making gameplay accessible for younger and younger kids, and can be a lifesaver when you’re stuck in a doctor’s office, out for dinner, or really are anywhere with a bored toddler or child.

As we play these games together, I’m going to share these on an ongoing basis as AndroidToddler reviews, and in future will be looking back at some of his favorites from time to time. For those of you that don’t have kids, keep reading, because I’ll be sharing my own thoughts on the games as well.

Heaven & Hell is a free physics game by Nelphy Games we’ve been playing regularly since it was released a couple of weeks ago, and we’re both enjoying it.

Each level presents you with a number of cartoon angels and demons that you can manipulate by tapping to transform them from circles to squares and back again. Circles roll and squares generally stay put, but you can also put their slightly larger dimensions to good use. Gravity will do its work and these little characters will start rolling, falling and bumping each other around. Your goal is to get all the demons into the flames before any angels get burned. In an interesting twist, if the demons fall in first then an angel on its way into the fire will fly away, so you don’t have to be absolutely perfect. There are also blocks that you can tap to make them fall and other environmental aspects that you need to work with on some levels.

On the way there are three crystals that you can pick up with either your angels or your devils to try to get the top score. You need a certain number of crystals to unlock other worlds, and you also learn coins as you hit different achievements, or share on Twitter or Facebook. They’ve added a shop where you can use coins to buy clothes to dress up the angels and demons, another hit with the toddler scene, and if you can earn your way to 10,000 coins you can even upgrade to the ad-free version.

The graphics are well done and cute cartoons, and toddlers definitely find it pretty funny to see these little angels and demons rolling around and falling into the burning lava. The early levels are quite easy and walk you through the mechanics with generally increasing difficulty, but I found after the first few that you could have some levels that are much more challenging than the next one.

Toddler Test

How much does he enjoy playing this on his own? The sequences of manipulations required can require precise timing and order of the switches, so if he were to play it completely on his own, he would have a lot of trouble passing some levels. We tend to strategize together, where I’ll ask him which ones he thinks we should switch, and in what order, and sometimes he’ll do it, others he’ll ask me to be the one. After he tries a few permutations he may ask me to give some ideas too, or we’ll work together to try it out.

So I’d say this one can be fun for a toddler even on their own, but its much more fun to play together with a parent.

Sneak Test

I downloaded the app to play with my son, but if he loses interest and walks away, I keep playing to at least finish that level, if not go on for a couple more. So even though I don’t sneak in to play it without him, I do enjoy it and he certainly doesn’t have to force me to play it.

With 4 worlds and 80 levels so far, there’s a lot of challenge available for you with or without your child.

While not ideal for a toddler on their own, this one is great for the parents and a lot of fun to play together, and in this case we both approve.