3 Android dating apps to find your last-minute Valentine

February 13, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Ah, Valentine’s Day – the magical day when people put in that extra effort to make their significant other happy. Sure, you might be a cynic who’s above the commercialism of a tenant of human interaction, but plenty of people would love nothing more than to be fawned over on Tuesday night.

For many, Valentine’s Day is a reminder that you’re single and looking for love in all the wrong places. No need to sit in a rut though. Maybe you need to try a different approach. Perhaps you ought to try your hand at online dating? Below are a few Android dating apps to help you snag Mr. or Mrs. Right.

To be honest, starting a relationship right now might be asking for trouble, but it can’t help to look around when love is in the air, right? Click on the thumbnails or the “install app” button to be taken to the Android Market page.


OKCupid is a free dating site that rises above the crop of competing products. We’ve reviewed the app before on, and it’s only gotten better since then. Members answer questions about their views on life, create profiles that showcase their interests, and then wizards at OKCupid determine which members might be a good match.

Potential matches are scored on compatibility, but since love isn’t all about math, you can still contact someone to set up a date or learn more about each other. There’s also a great feature that lets users set a broadcast, which is basically an invitation to other members who might be nearby that you are available to meet-up. So if you’re killing time downtown on your lunch break and see someone who catches your eye, or gets recommended to you by the app, OKCupid initiates the chat.

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MeetMoi is another dating app that focuses on location. The app even pitches itself as the mobile matchmaker for people looking for a “mobile Roamance.” The app works by connecting like-minded individuals who are in an immediate area or a specific city. So while other apps may require that you extensively browse member profiles to search for someone, MeetMoi does the searching for you and sends a push notification when an interesting person is nearby.

Browsing profiles might provide more options and chance of success, but MeetMoi is more for people who are more interested in a nudge in the right direction now and then. Members can accept or refuse a suggested match, and if both display an interest, they can chat or arrange to meet-up. The downside is that a paid subscription is required to send messages, so let’s hope sparks fly quickly.
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The other dating apps mentioned so far are about compatibility – the science of taking two people, comparing their interests and desires, and then gauging how well the two would mesh together. badoo focuses on the visual. It’s more about the way people meet in real-life, which is based more on raw attraction. Instead of trying to match users mathematically, the app merely shows a wall of photos of men and women in your area, then leaves it up to the user to find their match.

badoo is an app designed specifically for meeting new people for a variety of activities, but it’s mainly used for dating. Members enter what they like – music, shopping, sports, cinema, etc. – and set their relationship status or physical details to help others decide if they are interested. It’s bit more of a meat market than some of the other apps, but there’s a large membership that can be filtered according to an area, city, or entire country.
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