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Vlingo bringing voice command system to make TV’s smarter

January 10, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Voice command and recognition app Vlingo is moving from mobile to television with the newly-announced Vlingo Virtual Assistant for Smarter TV. The new tool for TV manufacturers, set-top box makers, and service providers will make it possible for consumers to speak to their televisions and have their commands implemented.

That’s not a unique feature. Microsoft already introduced voice commands with its Xbox update, and we’ve already covered how Able Remote can do this for Google TV. But Vlingo is delivering a wide framework that would allow television makers, including those jumping on the Google TV bandwagon, to build commands that offer a lot more for their users.

Vlingo has already instituted the following commands available to the system:

  • “Find a movie directed by James Cameron” and the service will search for films that fit the description
  • “Watch the Price is Right” and it will tune to the channel during the show’s time slot
  • “Record Modern Family tonight at 8pm” and it will record on a DVR
  • “Put on ESPN” or “Go to Netflix” or “Turn up the volume”
  • “Facebook update: Andrew is so dreamy” and your Facebook status will change

Don’t expect to see this right away because Vlingo says that it won’t be available to partners until May 2012, who will then need time to make their own tweaks and integrate it into their software. It will still be pretty cool once it finally arrives.

“Households worldwide have access to thousands of TV channels and dozens of service provider choices. Vlingo aims to simplify TV chaos by providing a simple, intuitive method for discovering the right content from among all those choices.” – Vlingo EVP Markets Chris Barnett.

To borrow a popular phrase from another company, you are now the remote.