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Vizio VTAB3010 10-inch tablet revealed

January 9, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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Vizio tablet

The tablets, smartphones and gadgets of all sorts are piling up as the 2012 CES has finally gotten underway (well, not officially, but still…) and Vizio could not have missed this unveiling and revealing frenzy.

The VTAB3010 is Vizio’s latest addition to the tablet market and, while the details surrounding the slate are still scarce, a couple of official photos have certainly raised our attention. The VTAB 3010 will sport a 10-inch screen, as we can see from the pics, and will come with dual cameras.

Of course, we have no news about the processor, the operating system or other technical specs, but, knowing Vizio, the slate should definitely run Android and should have a couple of aces up its sleeve in terms of hardware and raw power.

We can see two ports on the bottom of the tablet, which we can safely assume are microUSB and microHDMI connectors, but other than that we can’t say much about the gadget right now.

The design seems pretty straightforward and the tablet should be fairly slim and light as well. The ‘’coming soon’’ message at the bottom of Vizio’s official posting on their website could mean that the tablet will soon be on display at the 2012 CES, but also it could mean that the slate could hit the market in the near future.

Either way, you should keep in touch with our website in the following couple hours or so, because there are definitely more details to come, both about the Vizio VTAB 3010, but also about a bunch of other cool and exciting gadgets!