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Motorola shipped 1 million tablets, 18.7 million phones in 2011

January 26, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Remember all those times where we tried to play the guessing games about how many Motorola Xoom’s were shipped? Well, we don’t have to guess anymore because Motorola has finally told us – about 1 million.

Motorola released its earnings report for the fiscal year 2011, and in it the company revealed that it sold “approximately 200 thousand and 1 million tablets in the fourth quarrier and full year, respectively.”

Motorola was the first company to sell a device with Google’s tablet-specific OS, the Motorola Xoom, that was eventually replaced by the Xyboard. These numbers are only for devices shipped, not necessarily how many were sold to consumers, but the tally seems slightly lower than I expected. i always assumed that the combined sales of the Xoom – even with its ridiculous pricing structure when the device debuted – and eventual Wi-Fi release would have cracked more than just a million.

Smartphone shipments gave more reason for Motorola to smile. The Atrix, Droid Bionic, Razr, X2, and several other phones combined to ship more than 18.7 million in 2011. Motorola shipped 5.3 million in Q4 alone.

Due to Google’s pending acquisition of the company, Motorola is not conducting an earnings call, so we’re going to miss out on the colorful commentary that usually comes along with these releases. However, we can guess that CEO Sanjay Jha would have thrown at typical buzzwords like “innovative” and “revolutionary” to describe a year that was full of product releases but had its share of disappointments.

We can guess the company would have spoken about the upcoming year as well. Jha hinted in previous comments that Motorola would cut down on the number of devices released and focus more on its core products in 2012 (similar to HTC). Motorola, which was once a leading Android smartphone producer, is poised to put more wood behind fewer arrows as its future boss likes to say.