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Motorola decides to release fewer phones during 2012

January 11, 2012 | by Natesh Sood


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If you take a minute to reflect on 2011 in terms of Android smartphones, one thing that might come to mind is how many were launched.  Motorola recognizes this fact as it released many new smartphones in the calendar year as well.  The problem with releasing so many phones is that each device doesn’t get the amount of time in the spotlight that it deserves.  For instance, two months after the Motorola DROID Bionic launched, the DROID RAZR was already in the market and quickly snatched flagship status on Verizon Wireless.  Granted, the Bionic was plagued by many delay issues resulting in the close launch proximity with the DROID RAZR, but the point is made.

At a roundtable disussion at CES, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha announced Motorola would launch fewer Andorid smartphones in 2012 to allow for longer time as the Motorola flagship device.  Interestingly, Jha remarked his decision to launch fewer phones came independently of what other smartphone manufacturers may try to do.

Personally, I agree with what Motorola is trying to do.  With too many Android smartphones flooding the market at once, consumers are going to try and wait as long as possible to choose a phone thinking something better is always just a few weeks away.  It’s also a shame a powerful device like the Bionic doesn’t get more time in the spotlight before being shoved aside to make room for the DROID RAZR and the DROID MAXX.