Asus reveals roadmap for 2012, includes a 3G Transformer Prime, 7 inch Android tablet, and a 10 inch Android tablet

January 7, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

Asus Tablets, Tablets


With CES 2012 just days away at this point, we’re seeing a few companies beginning to divulge details regarding the products they plan to have on display.  During a press conference in Taipei, Taiwan, Asus pretty much revealed their tablet plans for 2012 and Android is clearly a big part of its future.  For example, its Android tablet division will see an increase of personnel from 300-400.  Meanwhile, the Windows 8 developer team will stand at 150.

First, the Asus Transformer Prime tablet, which launched recently, is going to launch in a slightly different model this March featuring 3G connectivity.  We’re expecting Asus to show off the 3G model during CES 2012 and hopefully have more information on which markets are going to get it and when.  In addition, the 3G Transformer Prime is said to benefit from a more powerful GPS chip, which will hopefully remedy the situation currently plaguing the WiFi Transformer Prime.

Moving on, Asus plans to launch a 7 inch tablet model, which should be a slimmed down and more portable model of the 10 inch Transformer Prime, but we will know for sure at CES.  Seven inch tablet models appeal to a certain demographic, so it’s nice to see Asus bolster their lineup of Android tablets with devices of varying screen sizes. In addition to the seven inch tablet, Asus will have another ten inch model on display.  Both tablets should launch later this year.