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Verizon Wireless comes forward, asserts Carrier IQ does not ship with its smartphones

December 1, 2011 | by Natesh Sood

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VZW carrier iq tweet

If you’ve been following technology stories in recent weeks, then you may be aware of the investigation of Carrier IQ and its presence on many Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices.  In addition, it is said to be found on Sprint and HTC smartphones.  Apparently, nearly 140 million smartphones are equipped with this software that is nearly impossible to detect.

Carrier IQ was recently discovered by Trevor Eckhart who reported his findings to the online community.  Essentially, the software has the capability of transmitting your data to its own servers or the carrier’s servers for further analysis.  The reason for this, as reported by Carrier IQ, is to help carriers solve network and device stability issues by sifting through data that occurs during a service outage, for example.

However, many people are worried – for good reason – that Carrier IQ is transmitting data such as texts, voice calls, pictures, and other information insecurely and unlawfully. That is not yet definitive, but  concerns were raised following Carrier IQ saying it doesn’t log personal data.

Before things started to get worse, Verizon issued a tweet earlier today explaining that Carrier IQ is not any Verizon Wireless smartphone.  Engadget does a nice job of explaining the Carrier IQ situation if you want to learn more.

Overall, the situation does not look promising for Carrier IQ and the manufacturers and carriers currently employing this technology.  It will be interesting to see companies come forward with statements on whether they use the technology or not, and how they use it.

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