Verizon to fleece customers with $2 ‘convenience’ charge for paying their bills

December 29, 2011 | by Charles West


Verizon Wireless Logo

Switching out of paper billing has quickly become the trendy thing to do, especially with companies pushing folks to opt out in favor of e-bills (electronic billing). This worked for a lot of people (including myself) who believed it was not only convenient, but good for the environment. Well, starting in 2012, Verizon will be charging a $2 convenience fee for customers who pay online or by phone, according to Droid-Life. This impending charge is set to go in effect January 15, so everyone who chooses to pay your monthly bill using either method will incur a $2 charge. Sounds ridiculous, right?

Big Red in the document also claims that the fee allows them, “to continue to support these bill payment options.” This is obviously a money grab by VZ, as if its service wasn’t expensive enough. When did paying either online or over the phone become such a huge a convenience to the point of charging for it? There are a few ways to bypass this fatuous $2 fee, including mailing an old-fashioned check, money order, paying by electronic check (ACH), automatic monthly payments (AutoPay), through your online bank, or in-store using My Verizon Express. You can also pester the store representatives, whipping out that gift card you got for the holidays.

People are growing tired of being hoodwinked by either their cell phone provider, cable company or bank for that matter (ahem, Bank of America). Lets all hope Verizon changes its mind before the new fee goes into effect.

UPDATE: Verizon in its News Center has confirmed that it’s adding the $2 convenience charge for paying your bill online or over the phone.

Source: Droid-Life, via