Google’s Schemer is a community-driven goals and dream tracker – want an invite?

December 19, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Dreamers, goal-oriented technophiles, and enterprising minds take note – Google has delivered a way to manage those schemes digitally. With the appropriately-named Schemer, users keep a journal of the things that they hope to accomplish and see if anyone else may have the same idea.

Schemer, currently in beta only in the United States, is like a to-do list specifically for aspirations. Users create “schemes” to attend an Olympics, learn a foreign language, get a promotion, or make it into the the Top 1,000 of COD: Modern Warfare 3 players in the world. Other schemers can then say that they have actually done this already or that they want to pull off the same trick.

And that’s where the “community” aspect comes in. Because Schemer links with your Google account, it automatically pulls in your contacts from Google+ and can be a way to discover skill sets or aspirations that you never knew others had. For instance, one of my G+ friends listed “Get 1,000 followers on Google+” as a scheme, which I marked as something that I have done. I then provided tips on how he could do it, the secret being posting cat GIF’s and geek culture meme posts. Meanwhile, I want to learn Japanese, and people who have or are learning the language have provided links to resources that can accelerate the learning process.

Schemer features recommended schemes based on location and categories in which users express an interest, so there’s never any reason to get bored with the app. From a practical standpoint, it’s hard to imagine that most people will succeed at even half of the schemes they list, but the app is interesting because of the potential value for those rare occurrences that you might actually work towards the goal. People always say that they’d like to run a marathon or volunteer, but you’d be more likely to work towards those goals with encouragement from people in circle who have experience in that matter or share your interests. Schemer is not a magic pill for working towards your dream, but it’s a good starting point for getting or giving feedback to make goals obtainable.

At the moment, the service is invite only to United States residents, so not everyone will be able to use it. However, the first 20 people in the U.S. to click this link will be able to get an invite. I ask that you then pay it forward and share an invite link with your fellow readers. (Look on the right side of once you’ve logged-in).